November 25, 2013

Peeks of Print (Original Penguin Collaboration 2)

    &nbspFor my second look with Original Penguin, I wanted to play on their peeks of print from their fall campaign. I wanted to accomplish clean look with playful sophistication. It was interesting to see sleek pants cuffed up against a rad print. Style becomes a bit more formal around the holidays with celebratory events, which is why I picked out these "Prince of Wales" wool pant. They were on sale, and I knew they would come in handy. Besides the awesome texture of the pant, they were tailored perfectly to my fit. It only Seamed Right! ;)
    Playing off the cool grey pant, I wore a blue vintage v-neck sweater I had thrifted. The button up I am wearing is one of my thrifted favorites. You can't get any more playful with this multi-panel plaid pattern! I also liked the subtle pop of warmth from the orange plaid print drowned under all the blues. To compliment the cools, I then added my leather hiker boots and argyle socks for a contrast of warmth.

Original Penguin Prince of Wales Pant- Feature Collaboration
Vintage V-neck Sweater- Thrifted
Multi-colored Plaid Button Up- Thrifted
Argyle Socks- Owned
Hiker Boot- Thrifted

Original Penguin Prince of Wales Pant- Original Penguin $195
The Hector Lambswool V-neck Sweater- Original Penguin $79
The P55 Plaid Button Up- Original Penguin $89
Original Penguin Socks- Original Penguin $15
Men's Cobb Hiker Boot- Country Outfitter $348

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