November 30, 2013

Vito Affiliated

     "Vito brings you an extra element to the comfortably dressed look in a fast moving society. With everything constantly changing you have to look the best at every occasion. Whether you are formally dressed or enjoying a more relaxed sophisticated look, Vito will offer you the best experience in every style." - Vito Clothing

     Vito is a Scandinavian menswear brand based out of Denmark. They sent this amazing selection, and I can personally tell you they create quality in all categories of clothing. I was excited to collaborate with Vito because it is a brand that I truly believe in. Their design is tailored for "the urban gentleman." Like Vito, I wouldn't label my style into one category because style is feeling your absolute best in clothing. Vito believes in colourful detailing that makes every piece they create tell its own story. Get into them, and stay tuned for the look posts featuring their clothing this week!

Facebook: Vito Clothing Page
Instagram: @VitoClothing
Shop Vito: Available on ASOS

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