December 5, 2013

Leaves with Gold

     When I received this amazing floral button down from Vito Affiliated Brand, I knew the exact direction I wanted to go with for styling. The fall subdued hues of the floral print combined gold leaf details are perfection. The shirt left me with a vintage impression, and that's what I went with.
     To bring out the hues of the shirt I wanted to repeat certain colors in the rest of my attire. For the gold leaves, I put on my vintage trousers. The maroon petals were accented by the maroon suspenders and a pair of vintage wingtips. I added a vintage briefcase to complete the look. Need I say vintage one more time? (haha) That about sums it up for the first collaborative look with Vito Affiliated Brand. Be on the look out for the second one! (there may even be a third ;) )

Vito Floral Shirt- Feature Collaboration
Vintage Plaid Dress Pant- Thrifted
Maroon Suspenders- Thrifted
Vintage Briefcase- Thrifted
Vintage Wingtips- Thrifted

Vito Floral Shirt- ASOS $49
Vintage Plaid Dress Pant- no reference
Topman Vintage Suspenders- Nordstrom $20
Vintage Briefcase- no reference
Madison Wingtip Oxfords- Saks Fifth Avenue $248

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