December 9, 2013

The Kennington Man

     "From the hippie counterculture of San Francisco, to the laid-back surf lifestyle of Malibu, from the Cool Jazz sensibility of the Bay Area to the Hot Rod Muscle Cars in the San Fernando Valley, the California lifestyle began to capture our nation’s attention. Kennington understood the California ethic because they lived it." - Kennington

     Kennington is a lifestyle brand that represents Southern California heritage. Dating back to 1957, the brand manages to remain timeless, fresh, and classic. They understand that styles may change, but basic values don’t. Kennington's history is in every stitch of their shirt. Their vintage, surf influence, and one of a kind prints are a few qualities I admire about their clothing.
     Growing up as beach boy in Huntington, I was pretty stoked to collaborate with this brand as they sent me this rad bouquet button up. I haven't come across one of their shirts while thrifting, but I had always admired my uncle's collection of their Hawaiian button ups. As the past styles become more present, Kennington is a great way to dress into the new year. Their 2013 Holiday Lookbook embodies looking clean while and having fun. Keep posted for my style post featuring their floral button up!

Bouquet Light Blue- Kennington $65

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