January 1, 2014

Because I'm Happy

     HAPPY NEW YEAR! "Clap along if you know what happiness is to you..." The "Happy" song by Pharrell Williams not only inspires my happiness, but I am also intrigued by is style portrayed in the video. New year..new trends..and I must say wide brim fedoras are something to get into!
     I've always been a fan of fedoras, but for some reason they seem to of "gone out of style." But lately, I have been noticing the comeback of the wide brim. It took me a while to find my preference in fit for these types of fedoras. Some of them looked ridiculous on me! (haha) I found this brown wool one from a mall cart. For this "happy" look, I utilized a variety of holiday colors. I wore this rad plaid button up I found at Buffalo exchange. The layer over a cable knit cardigan purchased from Urban Outfitters holiday sale. My dress pants were also a deal steal, as they were only $15 in H&M sale's rack. I wore my John Varvatos chukkas to add to accents of browns from my fedora and cardigan buttons. Cheers to the new year,new looks, and HAPPINESS! :)

Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Topman Plaid Button Up- Buffalo Exchange
Cable Knit Cardigan- Urban Outfitter's Holiday Sale
Olive Dress Pant- H&M Sale
John Varvatos Chukkas- Owned

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