January 29, 2014

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     Lately, I've been obsessed with the outdoors as you can tell from my shooting locations. The scenic views and natural sounds put me in a peaceful state of mind. While exploring, I decided to shoot this look. I purchased this hunting vest from Urban Outfitters sale for only $9! Ever since I got it, I've been anxious to put a look together and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.
     My top half consists of light layering. I wore a zip collar plaid long sleeve I had thrifted in Texas, with a navy crewneck shirt underneath. Khaki skinnies are a must have! I finally threw out my old pair and replaced them with these fitted pants from Solo Jeans LA. They have a wide range of colors and fits, but the most important quality is their mobility. These are jeans you can move in! Check them out.

Solo Jeans Skinny Khaki- Feature Collabo
Plaid Zip Collar Long Sleeve- Buffalo Exchange
Hunter Vest- Urban Outfitters Sale
Green Knit Beanie- Target
Cherry Red Doc Martens- Owned

Solo Jeans Skinny Khaki- Solo Jeans LA $45
Plaid Zip Collar Long Sleeve- no reference
Hunter Vest- no reference
Green Knit Beanie- Target $9
Cherry Red Doc Martens- Dr. Martens $120

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