February 18, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

An original means...

"…knowing who you are and staying true to it. Originality derives from personal experiences, and the emotions encapsulated within. Unexposed feelings are transcribed from the heart, ideas are translated from the mind, and through the limitless forms of expression, originality is created. An 'original' always evolves from their experiences, but never conforms to the world. They transform their way of thinking without compromising their identity." -Me :)

     Original Penguin asked their favorite influencers, "What does it mean to be original?" I was humbled to take part in sharing my thoughts on "originality" that will be featured in their new blog launch. I wanted to style Original Penguin's "Spencer" watch for an example. To the eye, this watch commands power and sophistication. I think it would typically shine in a classy look, but instead I wanted to do something different. For inspiration, I thought of an experience, "How would I wear this to a baseball game?" This is my take on the athletic trend in menswear, by elevating the laid back attire worn at a baseball game. Check out the feature by clicking the banner above or here, beanoriginal.originalpenguin.com!

Original Penguin "Spencer" Watch- Feature Collaboration
Gap Baseball Tee- Black Friday Sale
H&M Barbour Vest- Owned
H&M Copper Chinos- Owned
Black Baseball Cap- Owned
Nike Mayfly Woven- Ebay $60

Original Penguin "Spencer" Watch- Original Penguin $125
Gap Baseball Tee- Gap $2
Barbour Lowerdale Quilted Vest- Bloomingdale's $180
Haggar Life Khaki Slim-Fit Chinos- JCPenny $25
Gents Leather Cap- Gents $98
Nike Mayfly Woven- Nike $100

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