March 3, 2014

An Electric Visual

     Well, it has been a while! Hey, readers. How's it goin'?! After enduring a few days of rained in weather, I should of been able to catch up on blogging, unfortunately I didn't have any looks to post. The good news is that the skies are always more clearer than ever after a storm. I will be shooting looks within the next few days. Also, I attended a private event for Indochino, and will be posting that next. So stay tuned!
     For this look I went with gloomy palette. I guess I can say I was inspired by the weather and environment. How rad is this scenery? It's as if a lighting struck this very spot. I layered dark denim with distressed denim pants. The plaid button up was for a peek of blue, kind of like the sky between clouds. Cheesy I know. But hey, inspiration can come from anywhere and for me, it works! I finished the look with accents of brown...rucksack...chukkas...and used an "Electric Visual" to complete the look ;) Blogging soon...'til then. :)

Tortoise Shell Knoxville Sunglasses- Feature Collaboration
Denim Button Up- Buffalo Exchange
Plaid Button Up- Buffalo Exchange
Distressed Denim- Thrifted
Rucksack- Owned
Leather Chukkas- Owned

Tortoise Shell Knoxville Sunglasses- Electric Visual $20
Denim Logan Shirt Indigo Rinse- Guess $90
AE Plaid Worker Shirt-American Eagle $40
Slim Jean In Washed Black- ASOS $56
John Varvatos Hipster Chukka- Barney's New York $79

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