April 4, 2014

Decked Out

     The long awaited post featuring Reef's Floral Magic shirt from SWELL.COM. A bunch of you had complimented my Instagram preview, and wanted to know where I got this shirt from. I'm telling you, SWELL has got you covered for your spring essentials! I've been anxious to share this look because I had fun styling as well as shooting on the Santa Monica Pier.
     Floral. Spring. It only made sense to highlight this epic pattern. I chose coral J.Crew shorts to accent the shirt and for another pop of color I wore these sick Kenneth Cole shoes I had thrifted. Still amazes me what you can find at thrift stores. One's mans trash is another man's treasure...no Macklemore. HA! To balance the "chicness" of the look, I added some skater details. Black cap, black Ray-bans, and of course my board. Done!

Reef Floral Magic SS Shirt- Feature Collaboration
Coral J.Crew Shorts- Buffalo Exchange Fullerton
Black Baseball Cap- Owned
Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- owned
Puka Shell Bracelet- owned
Kenneth Cole Shoes- Salvation Army

Reef Floral Magic SS Shirt- SWELL $52
Kahala 'Kimo II - Elas' Shorts- Nordstrom $54
Black Baseball Cap- no reference
Matte Ray-Ban Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $125
Puka Shell Bracelet- no reference
Cole Haan LunarGrand- Cole Haan $99

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