November 7, 2014

Face Two-Face

     Flashback Friday! I had to share my DIY costume because Halloween is my favorite time to get dressed up! When it comes to my costumes there are no limits and it's all about getting creative. That is what makes Halloween fun! This year I stepped up my liquid latex game and created my own homemade prosthetic. I also enjoyed creating my artistically burned blazer and button up. The character I created, if you don't already know, is Harvey Dent in his "Two-Face" phase from Dark Knight.

DIY Costume Breakdown:
Original Penguin Prince of Wales Pant- Feature Collaboration
Liquid Latex- Halloween Club
Silver Hairspray- Halloween Club
Bruise Paint Pots- Halloween Club
Vintage Blazer- Thrifted
Vintage Tie- Thrifted
White Button Up- Owned
Turtleneck- Owned
Salvatore Ferragamo Chukkas- Owned

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