February 27, 2015

It's Friday, Let's Volley

    TGIF, and what better way to spend it at the beach. I styled an outfit fit for spring and I had to include my shoes from Volley USA. These Australian sport shoe is ideal for any occasion. The high leap leather sneakers are super comfortable and durable! I wore them to the beach because they are your all around shoe, where you are relaxing, taking a stroll on the pier, or actively jogging the beach trails.

Volley USA High Leap Leather Shoes- Feature Collaboration
Ambiguous Tank- Burlington Coat Factory
Black Denim Shorts- Owned
Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses- Owned
Leather Rucksack- Ebay

Volley USA High Leap Leather Shoes- Volley USA $75
Tan Tank- SWELL $24
Black Denim Shorts- Topman $50
Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $150
Fossil Trail Backpack- Saks Fifth Avenue $298

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1 comment:

  1. With it snowing again in NYC this morning, I'd kill for a day at the beach! Thanks for letting me live vicariously. :)



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