June 15, 2015

European Exploration

    Bonjour les amis! (Hello friends!) I haven't blogged in forever, but the next few posts are going to be well worth the wait! ;) I went on an exploration of Europe and visited Spain and France. I will be blogging new looks, new places, and the best spots to eat! When you have a variety of passions, you tend to focus on more than others. I must say this trip inspired me on so many different levels, which reminded me why I love blogging. I'm excited to share my journey with you all and a few outfits to go along with it. First stop: Nice, France.

    When I first arrived in France I instantly noticed the difference from America. I stayed in an apartment in Old Town Nice, which I will be blogging about in another post. The whole landscape of Old Town was different in architecture, closeness of buildings and community, the people's style, means of transportation, the language and most importantly their food! A total culture clash that I thought was incredible. This whole trip I was without my phone during the day (until I got back to my room), which meant I could totally soak in the experience without any communication with others or distraction of social media. Transportation consisted of walking which I enjoyed because 1. cardio 2. exploration.

    I typically tend to eat clean and healthy, but I knew coming on this trip there was going to be no restrictions for me. The French cuisine is exquisite and they sure mastered making good carbs. I had their complimentary bread with every meal! NO RAGRETS! (meant to be spelled incorrectly ;) ) Oh, and one must have a FRENCH fry. because. FRANCE. In hindsight, everything I ate wasn't necessarily unhealthy at all. (that is excluding the delicious desserts) Instead of an overload of foodie pics. I will only be blogging about the dinners of the night, which happens to be the "must eat" place to share along with my outfit of the day.

    The first dinner was at Chez Acchiardo, which I had no reservation for, but was lucky enough to dine in with the help of the kind waiter. (travel tip: when traveling be sure to make reservations for dining. The best spots are usually booked in advance.) This cozy restaurant is at the corner of Rue Droite and Rue Place Vieille in Old Town Nice. The ambiance was busy, but not disturbing. The dim lit room added a calmness to the meal and conversations.
    I ordered the mousse de foie de canard au porto as a starter. I've never had foie gras, but I must say I am in love with this French delicacy. The silky texture of the duck liver was so refined that it was like spreading butter on top of my mini toast. I combined it with a dash of their fig on top and the bite was heavenly. The main course was la daube avec ses raviolis, which is an insanely tender beef stew served with fresh ravioli stuffed with beef. I highly recommend this dish because of the 'melt-in-your-mouth' tenderness of the meat and the perfectly prepared dough. For dessert, I had the panna cotta coulis fraise. It was the perfect balance of sweet and tart, from the smooth creamy richness combined with the zing of puréed strawberry.

Entree- mousse de foie de canard au porto
Main- la daube avec ses raviolis
Dessert- panna cotta coulis fraise

    On to what I wore...to explore. I decided to bring a fedora along with me because I knew I'd spend most of my days outside and sight seeing. Fedoras are good for two reasons; it keeps you cool while looking cool. This actually wasn't the fedora I originally packed, but you'll see plenty more of that other hat in my next few outfit posts. I had purchased this Brixton Clay hat in Spain (which I will be blogging about after France) at a small boutique shop in Barcelona. I knew I'd be wearing out my brown one with every outfit, so I quickly added this wide brim to my collection for a change up.
    It's summer and I wanted to keep everything I was wearing comfortable and light. I am wearing a BDG tank with some H&M black chino shorts. I threw on a Koto short sleeve for some light layering and a pop of print. I accessorized with some tarnished accessories and threw on my vintage leather loafers to go with the leather accent of my Brixton.

Koto Short-Sleeve Sunflower- Urban Outfitters Online Sale
Brixton Clay Hat- Boutique in Barcelona
BDG Tank- Urban Outfitters Sale Section
Black Denim Shorts- Owned
Leather Woven Loafers- Thrifted

Koto Short-Sleeve Sunflower- Urban Outfitters $39
BDG Ringer Tank Top- Urban Outfitters $18
Clay Hat- Brixton $62
Black Denim Shorts- Topman $50
Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses- Ray-Ban $150
Fossil Trail Backpack- Saks Fifth Avenue $298

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