September 24, 2015

Desert Dweller

Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    Lately, the heat has been comparable to the desert. California is infamous for it's bipolar weather. We even had extreme rain for a day or two that was the highest recorded this year because of our extreme drought. The days are hot the nights are cool, which is where I got the idea for this look.
    For this desert dwellin' outfit, I threw on a light woven baja sweater that I had thrifted. My shorts were a great find from Savers! What I like about this camo short is it's unique pattern. My accessories were from a bunch of places I had collected, and I just combined them all together. The last part of the look are the ever so comfortable Birkenstock sandals in a Habana oiled finish.

Baja Hoodie- Thrifted
Accessories- H&M & Buffalo Exchange & Thrifted
Camo Short- Thrifted
Sandals- Birkenstock

Baja Hoodie- J. Crew $150
AEO Accessories- American Eagle prices vary
Paratrooper Short- Ralph Lauren $45
Habana Oiled Leather Arizona- Birkenstock $125

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  1. Lookin good B!!! I love the desert inspired outfit!!! Mwah xxx -Britt


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