November 9, 2015

Indochino: Beverly Hills

     "We truly believe that fit is the most important part of a good suit and we want you to receive the best custom shopping experience possible. So, if your suit or any other item of clothing is not what you expect, we will do everything in our power to make it right." -Indochino

     I was first introduced to Indochino when their traveling tailor came to Los Angeles last year. My first experience was incomparable when shopping for the perfect suit. I was ecstatic to find out that on August 20th, Indochino opened their Permanent Showroom in Los Angeles. Indochino co-founder and CEO, Kyle Vucko, says,“We received an extremely warm welcome in Los Angeles during last year’s Traveling Tailor pop-up shop, and it’s one of our strongest markets. We fell in love with the energy of the city, and we’ve been keeping an eye out for locations that could serve our clientele in this area since we launched our first showroom.
     They are now located at 9407 S. Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, which is known as one of the nation’s premier shopping destinations. Their showroom offers an interactive custom suit experience, enabling men to get great fitting, personalized suits and shirts at an incredible value.

     The bright, modern space has been designed to make it easy for men to shop the wide variety of custom suits, shirts and accessories on offer. Large fabric panels hang next to mannequin clusters showcasing the top suiting designs and numerous customization options. The accented walls and differently lit areas helped me visualize the suite I was creating for day and night settings.

     Innovating on the classic retail format, the Beverly Hills showroom offers men a personalized concierge experience like no other. Men seeking custom clothing make appointments where they work one on one with an Indochino Style Guide to create their very own made to measure suits and shirts.
     After my appointment, I can say this was Indochino is true to their word. When I first arrived at the showroom, I was kindly greeted by Indochino Style Guide, Jane, who made me feel welcomed and as if I were shopping with a long-time friend. While getting to know each other and discussing my personal style, she assisted me in fabric selections, and walked me through the endless customization options. The choices included buttons, vents, pockets, lapels and monograms. Even when I couldn't decided on a choice she helped me narrow it down and made sure I felt confident about my final selection.

     There is an area dedicated to formal wear and red carpet events; another section features Indochino’s extensive shirting range. Indochino’s new Winter Collection is on display, which boasts the latest in suiting styles, colours and patterns. Nearby, tables with marble, glass and walnut finishes are devoted to iMac working stations, custom shirting options, and accessories, including pocket squares, ties, tie clips and cufflinks. When they are not shopping, guests can sit back and relax on comfy leather sofas in the lounge area.

     The Groom’s Lounge, situated on the mezzanine level, is an exclusive area for men getting married to enjoy the kind of luxury shopping experience that until now has been reserved for brides. Complete with sofas and a foosball table, this masculine space contains everything the group needs to get dressed for the big day, allowing the groom and his groomsmen to have fun and relax in comfort while they get measured and coordinate their outfits.

     The coolest part was "The Measurement Process." I've had my measurements taken before, but not in a way that Indochino and their Style Guides do. Jane first started off by taking photos of me for documentation: front, sides, and back. She then brought out an iPhone, which had their Indochino app, to enter my precise measurements. The app contains smart algorithms, which use your height & weight to suggest measurements to guide you for future reference. One less thing to worry about if you're bulking up or slimming's genius! Indochino is all about the details when it comes to style, but also measurements. I have two more fittings to follow for any slight adjustments to complete the process. I can't wait to head back and pick up my tan corduroy three-piece suit!

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