November 28, 2015

Mix N' Match

Photography taken by Kara Nixon

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving, and if you are reading this you must have survived Black Friday! (haha) I usually do most of my shopping during big sales, which is where most of my attire came from. One of my favorite stores to hit up is Urban Outfitters. Their sale section is usually an additional %50 percent off on Black Friday. (%40 percent this year)
    Mix and match sales...mix and match style was my inspiration for this look. Since my outfit was a variety of textures, I chose to wear my Komono watch. The bands of the watch are camo fabric and braided genuine leather...dope right? This one of kind button up was a rad find at Buffalo Exchange. I love the contrast of camo against denim...or anything as you can see. I never thought I could pull off bucket hats, but for $9 I purchased this Rosin Reversible in black/olive. My crew neck BDG shirt was $10, and my coated black Your Neighbor denims were about $20. The final touch were my Gucci leather boots.

Loser Machine Company- Buffalo Exchange
BDG Crew Neck- Urban Outfitters Sale
Buckethat- Urban Outfitters Sale
Your Neighbors- Urban Outfitters Sale
Komono Watch- Ebay
Gucci Boots- Owned

Camo Sleeved Button Up- no reference
BDG Standard-Fit Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee- Urban Outfitters $10
Stussy Stock Lock Bucket Hat- Urban Outfitters $19
H&M Coated Pants- H&M $19
Winston Galore Camo M81 / Woven Black Watch- Komono $100
Gucci Boots- Gucci prices vary

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