February 29, 2016

Yeezy Season

    Thanks to Yeezy, bummin' it never looked and felt so good. There are times where I just want to throw on a cap and some sweats before heading out. With Kanye's ready-to-wear clothing and unconventional use of fabrics, his collection allow us to be comfortable and effortlessly stylish. I enjoy the layered silhouettes, distressed details, and muted tones because they make your everyday basics artistically fashionable. Quoted himself, "I think people just wear yoga pants and sweatshirts, and I wanted to make the most beautiful version of that possible." Thanks for that Kanye, we do love them! I purchased this Yeezy Season inspired look from H&M.

Black Cap- H&M
Shirt- H&M
Distressed Sweatpants- H&M
Komono Watch- Ebay
Redwing Boots- Nordstrom Rack

Cashmere Baseball Cap- Gents $74
Moss Cotton T-shirt- H&M $25
Distressed Sweatpants- no reference
Winston Galore Camo M81 / Woven Black Watch- Komono $100
Red Wing Boots 6-inch- Red Wing Shoes prices vary

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