April 27, 2016

Meshy Weekend

    Second weekend. Second outfit! Coachella's two consecutive weekends are always poppin.' It all comes down to preference when choosing which weekend to live it up. It is known that the second weekend is more chill from all the hype of the first and less crowded. Everyone wears bright colors and dress more freely when it comes to this festival. I've decided to show how to wear all black, yet breathable attire for the dessert.
    To keep cool, I've chose this dope mesh cut-off shirt I found for a $2 at Goodwill. I threw on a pair of black chino shorts from H&M and rolled them up to prevent awkward tan lines. Ha! The final black finish to this look was my Redwing boots. The boots had a detail of brown, so I decided to accentuate the rest of the look with my brown fedora and leather accessories.

Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Mesh Cut-Off- Goodwill
Black Shorts- H&M
Redwing Boots- Nordstrom Rack

Fedora- Brixton prices vary
Mesh T-Shirt- H&M $25
Black Shorts- Topmanprices vary
Red Wing Boots 6-inch- Red Wing Shoes prices vary

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  1. you are so fit i love your body fitness. you can wear a mens tailored suits perfectly. will you for me.

    1. Thank you for the kind compliments! A suited look is coming up featuring a collaboration with Indochino!


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