June 4, 2016

Are You Phorreall?

Photography taken by Britt Elexandria

    Besides being one of the dopest producers in the world, we can't deny Pharrell's out of this world sense of fashion. I would definitely say he is one of my style icons. Pharrell likes to push boundaries and put outfits together that are outside of the box. I may not be as extreme as him, but I would like to say my style isn't labeled to one genre. i am OTHER!
    I never thought I could pull off the fiddler hat. Funny story, I sent of a pic to my siblings to get approval when I found this cap at Buffalo Exchange. They told me, "NO!" and I responded, "Pharrell rocks it, I think I can pull it off." Boom! Got it. Haha! Keep it cool with blue, I threw on my authentic leather jacket I had thrifted. I kept it simple with a white graphic tee and tucked it into some blue skinny jeans. A look can't be as simple when it comes to Pharrell, so I threw on pops of print: my vintage Hawaiian shirt and rolled up my pant to show my striped socks. Final touches were over accessorizing my wrists and fingers and some round John Lennon type sunnies.

Fiddler Cap- Buffalo Exchange
Homies South Central Graphic Tee- Buffalo Exchange
Leather Jacket- Bellflower Thrift Store
Vintage Hawaiian Button Up- Buffalo Exchange
Obey Skinny Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Brogue Saddle Oxford- Urban Outfitter's Black Friday Sale

Fiddler Cap- Brixton $27
Graphic Tee- Brian Lichtenberg prices vary
Navy Suede Biker Jacket- Topman $400
Printed Floral Shirts- Zara prices vary
Levi's 519 Extreme Skinny Jeans - Nordstrom $80
Samuel Hubbard Oxford - Nordstrom $235

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