July 12, 2016

Mo'money Mo'hair

Photography taken by Britt Elexandria

    We can start transitioning into fall as we are nearing the end of summer. A popular fabric that has been popping up on Fall/Winter 2016 runways is mohair. Mohair is an elegant texture that enriches an outfit along with lux cashmere and cable-knits. It is more of a lighter layer sweater that can be an added to a sleek summer look. When pulling this off, I made sure to keep my tones of clothing in the summer palette to prevent from dressing out of season too soon.

RAEN Vista Sunglasses- Feature Collaboration
Mohair Sweater- H&M
Merona Crew Neck- Target
Skinny Dress Pant- H&M
Mosson Bricke Longwing Shoes- Urban Outfitter's Sale

Vista Sunglasses- RAEN $125-$160
Mohair Sweater- no reference
Rose Crew Neck- Target $9
Skinny Dress Pant- H&M $35
Metallic Wingtip Shoes- no reference

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